Dorothy Hope of the Beachcomber Museum left, and Maggie Gregg of Preservation North Carolina right, walk the Old Post Office Lots in Nags Head Friday, February 10, 2017. This is the proposed new location of Mattie Midgette's Store, home of the Nellie Myrtle Collection.

Mattie's brother Willie Otis Twiford with a bull on the Hollowell Hotel's pasture. The cottage in the background on the left is the Wood Foreman cottage. Built in 1916 by legendary Outer Banks cottage builder S.J. Twine, it survives today on the original lot.

This property was once the pasture behind the historic Hollowell Hotel, which like Mattie's store, was originally located on the sound, the original location of the Nags Head resort which dates back to the 1830's. Mattie's sister Ethel was married to Graham Hollowell and helped run the hotel, including a small store where they sold fresh milk.

The back of the Hollowell Hotel , circa 1944. Built on the sound side by Graham Hollowell, it was one of the first hotels relocated to the ocean side after construction of the Beach Road in 1932.

On the morning of February 10, 2017,  we walked the nearby property we are looking at to be the future location of the museum with Maggie Gregg, Regional Director of Preservation NC, to discuss our plans to place a Preservation Easement on the site once it is acquired. Preservation easements allow historic property owners to insure that their property's historic character will be preserved in perpetuity. Maggie was impressed with the property and she will be an invaluable asset to us as we move forward with the details of that easement.

"Under the terms of a typical preservation easement, a property owner places restrictions on the development of, or changes to, the property and transfers these restrictions to a qualified organization whose mission includes environmental protection, land conservation, open space preservation, and historic preservation. Once recorded, the easement restrictions become part of the property’s chain of title and “run with the land” in perpetuity, thus binding not only the owner who grants the easement but all future owners as well."

In an article dated 2-15-2017, Ms Gregg had this to say about our plans:  “This is a good opportunity to ensure coastal history is preserved. It offers protection that goes beyond one owner or one family,” said Gregg, speaking of a historic preservation agreement Hope and Winkler plan to enter into to ensure that the historical integrity of the property is preserved. “We’d happily consider ensuring the property be protected even with it moving.”


Artist's Rendering of Mattie's store on the property.

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